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Meet the Team.

Prayer Storm Staff Team

Victoria Aladiran

PA to James Aladiran / Office Administrator

Victoria has been with Prayer Storm from the beginning serving in various capacities, including being a worship leader. She has a heart for worship, excellent administration and loves to serve. She also loves maths and is a qualified maths teacher. Being James' sister, she has all the inside scoop on James and is very happy to share. Victoria serves as James' Personal Assistant and Office Administrator.

Brian Harwood

Operations Manager

Brian has been on his church's Healing Team for over 25 years and has been privileged to pray for many people in his church. He grew up in Kent in a non-Christian environment and it was not until he was 33 that he received the gospel and was confirmed with his wife Anne. He studied as an Aeronautical Engineer and his working career has been Project Managing large computer systems in various Military and Civil environments. At Prayer Storm, his role is Operations Manager, responsible for HR and ensuring Policies and Procedures are in place to conduct our work as safely as possible.

James Aladiran

Founder & CEO

James is an evangelist for prayer. He leads the team with a burning vision to see God’s people awaken to the power of prayer. Half Nigerian and half Ghanaian by descent ; born in Liberia but moved to Manchester as a teenager. His life embodies how prayer crosses cultural boundaries. He is married to Rebecca and together they have a son and a daughter

Charlotte Whitham

Media Manager

Charlotte is responsible for ensuring that what we do is shared to a larger audience from Prayer Storm TV (Youtube) and social media to TV Broadcasting (TBN UK & GOD TV).

Originally from Oxfordshire, Charlotte moved to Manchester for Prayer Storm and persuaded James to buy an office plant.

Rebecca Aladiran

Director of Prayer Storm Music

Rebecca leads Prayer Storm along with her husband James, and likes to refer to herself as the SHE-EO! Passionate for the prophetic and warfare, Rebecca leads Prayer Storm Music alongside Lloyd Gordon and the wider community of talented worship leaders and musicians. She is passionate about crafting a sound which drives And inspires prayer within gatherings and personal prayer lives. Rebecca and James have two children; Justice and Evangeline

Jessica Cole

Events Co-ordinator

Jessica is a prophetic intercessor with a passion to see the church awakened, equipped and moving in signs, miracles and wonders. She is responsible for co-ordinate events and conferences such as Furnace, Gatherings, Prayer Schools. She also oversees the Prayer Storm Team of volunteers. When not in the office, she may be found with her dog or horses. She lives in Cheshire with her husband and 3 children.


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