Prayer Storm is a movement of worship, prayer and fasting which exists to provoke a spiritual awakening by raising an army of praying warriors.

The Vision

We gather people together around divine encounters and equip them to be increasingly fervent and strategic in prayer.

We have a vision for the mass mobilisation of a prayer army who are consecrated to a lifestyle of prayer because they are so gripped with the conviction that only a revival of prayer in the church can revive the heart of a nation. As a result, many come to Prayer Storm with distractions and addictions and leave re-fired with a new focus to take awakening prayer back to their churches.

Pioneers that have Shaped Us

What We Do

Convinced that the message of prayer will precede a great revival, just as John the Baptist preceded Jesus; we seek to spread awakening prayer in four main ways.

Regular events in Manchester like the Gathering, Boot Camp, Furnace, and Night Watch, we gather people together for life-changing God encounters.

Utilising modern media outlets, like our weekly TBN program, Prayer Strom TV, and social media, we hope to capture the hearts of a younger generation for God.

Preaching across the nation, igniting hearts through the Prayer Storm Music, and our annual Awakening tours, we spread the message of prayer and fasting across the UK churches.

Through our resources, we seek to achieve the ultimate goal of inspiring and assisting people to start their own prayer meetings right where they are.

Church Partnership

Prayer Storm exists to get Christians praying.

We believe that the local church is the greatest vehicle for achieving this and also that prayer is the life blood of a healthy church.
As a result, we intentionally develop strategic relationships with churches and ministries in order to enrich the prayer lives of Gods people and advance the kingdom of God.

Practically this means that we regularly pray for our church partners, develop prayer material for local churches, offer prayer bespoke workshops and training, foster relationships with the pastors and prayer co-ordinators, and prioritise the invitations we get for our partners.

We also appreciate that our partners give financially into the vision of Prayer Storm and help rally people to our annual prayer Gathering events where their people can catch a heart for prayer.

How You Can Get Involved

Prayer Storm is only made possible by the generosity of so many people who give into the cause with their time, resources, and money; but most importantly by joining in their prayers, faith, and heart with ours.

People often ask how they can get involved and there are numerous ways to join in with our growing community and our Prayer Storm Network

Whether it is attending, volunteering or inviting people to events, giving as a one-off or a regular partner, joining us in praying or simply sharing something on Facebook to get the message out, we recognise this is a mission bigger than a couple of individuals and appreciate all who get involved.