Meet The Team

James Aladiran, Founder and Director

James is an evangelist for prayer. He leads the team with a burning vision to see God’s people awaken to the power of prayer.  Half Nigerian and half Ghanaian by descent ; born in Liberia but moved to Manchester as a teenager. His life embodies how prayer crosses cultural boundaries. He is married to Rebecca, a local girl, and has a son.

Rebecca Aladiran, Director of Prayer Storm Music

Rebecca is a worship leader with a prophetic edge. Her slightly mischievous sense of fun and adventure adds to our team spirit. Married to James and mother to their budding drummer son Justice, she coordinates the Prayer Storm’s worship community and leads vocals at our events.

Judith Bloomfield, Office Manager

Judith is our administrative rock. Using her years of experience in working in Christian ministries to ensure that everything runs smoothly. She loves to travel, is a self-confessed foodie, and enjoys the theatre.

Charlotte Whitham, Media Manager

Charlotte helps us to reach the younger generation through modern forms of communication. She directs, records, and edits Prayer Storm TV.

Naomi Brown, Event Co-ordinator

Naomi exudes joy in all she does; and for Prayer Storm this is namely organising and running our events, coordinating our volunteers, and linking in with partnering churches. She is passionate about raising up children and young people in prayer and intercession. When not working for Prayer storm Naomi is a children’s pastor in her home church.

As a registered charity we operate under trustees.  They guide and oversee the ministry to ensure it is run according to the biblical ethos and the standards of the UK Charity commission.  Their wisdom and experience has been vital in assisting the ministry’s growth and help.

Paul Lloyd

Paul pastors a growing Manchester based church, Victory Outreach. He brings his pragmatic wisdom and years of ministry experience to our trustee’s meetings.

Becks Reverley

Is the commercial manager at a food company. Her efficiency, attention to detail, and business background helps to structure the smooth running of the charity.

Paul Booth

Paul is a veteran intercessor who has been involved with various prayer ministries for decades. His oversight helps us to keep prayer at the centre of all our decision making.

John Maroa

As a trained civil engineer and law graduate, John’s foresight and balanced counsel are invaluable contributions to Prayer Storm’s strategic planning.