Volunteer Application Form

Everyone has skills to offer, you may just not realise it. Some of the things you can offer are your enthusiasm, a regular commitment of your time and your desire to get involved and make a difference...
Prayer Storm is a community of Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ with a mandate to live a lifestyle of Holiness, Prayer and fasting. Our passion is to awaken a generation to this lifestyle of Prayer and fasting and preparing the way of the Lord and we do so through solemn assembly type gatherings twice a year, conferences, prayer meetings, teaching, equipping the body of Christ in the area of prayer and worship.
Through Prayer Storm Live we aim to raise up individuals and teams that deliver quality standard broadcasts. We want each volunteer not to just be talented but feel called to serve, are anointed to do so, and are equipped and living a lifestyle that carries an awakening sound in all that they do because of the lifestyle they already live, whether serving at Prayer Storm, in their place of education, local Church or workplace, we believe that authenticity when serving is essential and expect this from every team member no matter how they serve: this means living an accountable lifestyle to local church leaders, living Holy and Set apart unto the Lord.
We ask for those who are volunteering with the livestreams to commit to be part of our streams not just in a voluntary capacity but also by coming to worship along with the lives either through viewing online or joining the worship and prayer congregation when possible. We are a community that aims to raise up constant prayer and worship and will have more times of worship, prayer and fasting together off camera and expect those that serve especially in front of the cameras will make every effort to be part of these times of worship too.


Please provide names of two references one of which should be a leader at your local Church who has known you for 2 years or more.


Prayer Storm have to ensure that all volunteers are safe to work with young people and a Disclosure will be requested if required. We will only take into account a criminal record if it could be important to the volunteering you want to do.
I hereby authorise Prayer Storm to obtain references to support this application and accept and release Prayer Storm and referees from liability caused by giving and receiving information. I give express permission for the personal data on this form to be held and processed by Prayer Storm. I confirm that the information given on this form is correct and any misleading or falsification of information may be proper cause for rejection.
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