Nazirite Challenge

During a nations darkest hour God calls up Nazirites: individuals committed to a period of special consecration (Numbers 6).  They are warriors of light, like Samson, the prophet Samuel, and John the Baptist; who have been refined into Gods special forces.  In this hour, when our nation’s destiny turns on the hinges of our prayers, we are releasing a call- ‘Let the Nazirites arise’.

When the annals of Great Britain’s spiritual history are revisited in eternity, we believe this can be one of the pivotal moments.  While the sacrifice required for this shift may not be easy, it will be worth it.  Will future generations read of a shaking in the nations spiritual foundations from people who, when their moment came, rose up in the spirit of the Nazirites?

The ‘Nazirite Challenge’ vision is to gather 1000 people around a Nazirite style vow (Numbers 6) to pray and fast together for a period of 30 days, from the 1st of October 2018 to the 31st.  A mobile phone App will help structure this journey with inspirational video’s, direction and guidance for praying, and accountability for your fast.  It is designed to help connect a community of Nazirites all over the nation, to pray in one voice with one heart.   As people from all around the United Kingdom are stepping up to the challenge, will you join the rise of the Nazirites?

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